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This volume opens with two 1960 self-portraits, before arriving at the artist’s most recent interventions which, under the title of Proggeto Arte, invite us to think about contemporary art. It spins a connecting thread that extends from the image of the artist and his initial pictorial representation to showing us the figure of the artist as the driving force of a different way of thinking and living the world of today. During the 60s and 70s Pistoletto established himself as one of the most important artists in Italian arte povera, although his evolution towards other, more theoretical, preoccupations have clearly distanced him from this movement.

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Michelangelo Pistoletto (born 23 June 1933 in Biella) is an Italian painter, action and object artist, and art theorist. Pistoletto is acknowledged as one of the main representatives of the Italian Arte Povera. His work mainly deals with the subject matter of reflection and the unification of art and everyday life in terms of a Gesamtkunstwerk.

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Esta amplia retrospectiva de Michelangelo Pistoletto (Biella, Italia, 1933) proponía un recorrido por los momentos más significativos de su trayectoria artística, desde sus primeros autorretratos de 1960 hasta sus últimas intervenciones en el marco del Progetto Arte, una iniciativa que, desde 1994, incita a la reflexión sobre el papel del arte contemporáneo, del artista y de la educación.