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Since the first hunter-gatherers, humans have sought out things of beauty and excellenceaa quest epitomized by the elegant stores displayed in this sumptuous volume. Each can be considered a pinnacle of the shopping experience. With a carefully chosen selection of goods and services located all over the world, these shops do indeed cater to every whim. Combining the aesthetics of high art with service worthy of royalty, every one is an experience to treasurea

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Among the best-known stores in Florence, this six-floor department store houses everything you'd expect from a luxury shopping centre, plus traditional Tuscan goods including terra cotta, olive oils and wrought iron (just try getting that railing in your suitcase). Don't miss the rooftop terrace ...

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Different types of furniture stores appeal to varying demographics, and you can find a wide range of stores that cater to specific styles or price points. Unsurprisingly, many of the most successful retailers in the U.S. are those that sell furniture at relatively low prices.